Youth Program Testimonials

"This is without a question the BEST thing we have done for our son! He is in love with Coach Zack and his team. He can't wait to go to the gym and begs to do more classes (this is a kid who has never done well with team sports). The other teammates/ athletes (who are all working at their own level) root for each other, cheering one another along. This program brings back the root of sports to see oneself succeed, this program takes away the stress of comparison and concern if the child is able to do it, or what others will think. The child, let me rephrase this, ATHLETE works at their level while building a pride for oneself, and a feeling of accomplishment while working with other ATHLETES. BRAVO Coach Zack and your team for bringing back the love of fitness to my son, and so much more"

Theresa L.

It’s been just a few weeks but my son LOVES his weekly classes at Grays Anatomy! He looks forward to attending and wants to run in the minute we pull up to the parking lot. When finished I see home with a huge smile- awesome! Definitely have been recommending it to friends. Now... if only there was a parent-child class?  I’d like to join in on the fun too! ;)

Clarissa R.

Personal Training TESTIMONIALS

"One of the best decisions you’ll make! I worked with Zack for three years. In those three years I learned about nutrition, the benefits of working out with weights, and workout sequences that were tailored to what I needed. I still use much of what I learned from Zack today! He holds you accountable, listens to what you want, and knows when to push. Zack only wants the best for his clients in and outside of the gym. His professionalism, sense of humor, and knowledge of exercise science make him one of the best in the business!"

Laura S.

"Zack is an exceptional trainer! He’s explained the owners manual to the body, which I should have learned years ago. His strength, balance, and endurance training have made a marked improvement in my life. All the physical issues I had prior to starting with him: sore shoulder from years of computer use and sciatica, are now distant memories. I appreciate his guidance on eating well, and have enjoyed our training sessions."

Steve G.

"Zack has been working with my 14 year old son this summer and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Not only is Zack working with him on exercise, he is coaching him on nutritional goals and life motivation. A wonderful trainer and role model!"

Heather C.

"I’m not a fitness junkie, have never been motivated to exercise, and have always been intimidated by weight training. Zack’s confidence and knowledge has helped me do things I never thought I’d do: deadlift, kettlebell swings, Turkish get ups... the list goes on. It’s more than just getting stronger, it’s feeling more confident and comfortable in front of the squat rack. He’s done the work, put in the study time, and can help with more than just weights. He’s always passing me recipes and giving nutritional advice tailored to my lifestyle. I can’t recommend Zack’s training and health advice more highly."

Ann G.