Youth Athlete Small Group Training

​Our Youth Athlete Program is centered around helping kids form a positive relationship with exercise while improving their athletic performance for individual sports. In our youth training classes, we aim to improve: Speed, Agility​, Balance, Core Strength, and Explosiveness. These classes are aimed at helping kids improve their self-confidence, regardless of their pre-existing physical ability. Our client-to-coach ratio is set to a maximum of 5:1 in order to provide top-quality coaching to each individual athlete.​


1-on-1 Training Sessions

​One-on-one training with personalized programming and coaching takes place in our exclusive training studio. This option yields maximal progress based on the more individualized attention provided. Inquire about getting a complimentary session. Prices starting as low as $85!

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Speed Camp

Learn the mechanics of sprinting, how to decelerate, change direction, increase coordination and balance. We will help you improve core strength and incorporate your upper body in your quest to be a faster athelete. 


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